"Her work is strong, rhythmic and confident, and continues the discourse of multicultural identity in the past and newly evolving".      ~ Sir Derek Walcott, Nobel Laureate in Literature, poet and playwright.

"The poems of Sam Thomas move with all the confidence of a professional in the craft. They glide in and out of the reader’s consciousness with feline ease, sometimes barely touching the page, at other times, rightly grounding their prey as in the remarkable “Havana, 1857”, “Morne Grande”, “The Myth of Sugar”  and “Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag”.   A wisdom of the streets, and that of the stars, informs CANE, where roofs routinely disappear; a wisdom of cool eye and composure that can re-join “My beach is as wide as your storm”, where Brando lives, and“Eliza”, who believes “there can only be better masters to create softer dungeons for the innocent”. ~ Dr John Ennis, poet and former dean of Humanities at WIT in Ireland.

Sam Bully-Thomas has the rare gift of turning history into lyric - these are poems that make the past present and the present vibrant, sinewy and stark. ~ Jamie McKendrick, internationally awarded poet and translator.


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